Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11/366 - "547"

(F/3.4, 1/50 sec, ISO 400, Canon PowerShot SX200 IS)

I think Sue said it best last night when she posted to Twitter and Facebook the words "Mixed Emotions ~".  Sue has a small family.  Karen her only sister, Karen's husband Patrick, and their twins Matt and Nora, just received an offer on their house yesterday.  The house is under contract and a closing date sometime in the middle of March has been set.  They will be relocating to Columbia, SC, which happens to be "547" miles from Oakmont, PA.  We are happy for their new adventure to begin in South Carolina, and we are excited to visit when we can.  However, we are very sad that the in person interactions will be reduced to a handful of times a year, and augmented through the use of Facebook and video conferencing.

This morning I mapped Oakmont to Columbia on my iPhone and it returned 547 miles.  After I got ready for work, I grabbed the blocks from the kids toys, and set up a quick shot before I left for work.  It turned out okay considering how rushed I felt.

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