Wednesday, December 26, 2012

360/366 - "Family Photo Time"

(F/8, 55mm, 1/160, ISO 800, Canon 5D Mk II)

(F/8, 58mm, 1/160, ISO 800, Canon 5D Mk II)

(F/8, 35mm, 1/125, ISO 800, Canon 5D Mk II)

Every year after we finish Christmas morning at our house with the kids, we hop in the car and head to my mom's house for the rest of the day.  I am the oldest of 14, and days like Christmas, when we are pretty much all together,  get very chaotic.  We are generally never all in the same place at the same time and this year was no exception.  However, we did have record turnout 11 of 14 were there and we decided we had to take family photos.  The top photo is mom and Gary, with all the kids.  The middle photo is the out-laws (significant others), and the final photo is all of the grandkids.  Missing from the top photo are Pete, Anna, and Josh.  Missing from the middle photo are Dejan's wife (Ivana), Pete's girlfriend (Ivana), Anna's boyfriend (Jimmy), and Josh's wife (April).  There are three missing in the last photo, Layla (Josh's daughter), Devin (Chili's son), and Logan (Zach's son).  I think I captured that correctly and if I did't I will update it once someone corrects me.  The day was total chaos and a blast catching up with everyone.

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  1. We are also missing Chili and Lisa's Devin. Where was he for the picture????