Friday, October 26, 2012

300/366 - "Camera Tossing"

(F/8, 5mm, 1.0 sec, ISO 100, Canon PowerShot SX200 IS)

So it is day 300, and I am still going somewhat strong.  I was surfing the interwebs the other day and stumbled upon a photographic technique called camera tossing.  Google it, there are some pretty amazing photos out there using this technique.  Anyway, I wanted to do something different to mark the occasion of day 300 and this is it.  I spent about 10 minutes tossing my camera in the air watching it spin out of control hoping to catch it before it crashed down on the floor.  This is actually quite addicting trying to get the timing right checking every photo to see what is captured.  I highly recommend this and I suggest a Point & Shoot camera that you are willing to break, because you will drop it at some point.


  1. That's just nuts! I could not do that with my current camera, but it's a cool idea. And I like this shot.

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